Our Values

In setting our values we want to create:

“A positive workplace culture where people feel engaged and look forward to being at work to produce leading edge tailored consulting and recruitment services with high levels of personal and business accountability in an environment of trust and empowerment.”



We will:

  • Be honest with ourselves and each other about our abilities and needs
  • Act with confidence knowing we have full support from our team members
  • Check in and treat colleagues and clients with respect and empathy
  • Be clear, regular and effective in our communication
  • Be present, genuine and commit to the team and each other
  • Always assume that people are acting from a place of good intention

Resulting in….
An environment of trust, empowerment and safety and, a reputation as trusted advisors


We will:

  • Act and talk in a manner that is hopeful and seeks out opportunities
  • Have faith in the abilities of oneself and others
  • View change and challenges as opportunities for growth
  • Propose solutions when identifying problems
  • Positively engage with change and forward plan for success

Resulting in….
Positive morale for staff, a positive workplace culture, and sustainable growth


We will:

  • Participate and engage fully with each other in a kind-spirited manner
  • Laugh together and positively work on our achievements and challenges
  • Actively celebrate wins and acknowledge successes
  • Look out for each other and offer help and support
  • Use humour in a considerate, respectful and inclusive way
  • Reflect on learnings and apply continual improvement practices

Resulting in….
An engaged workforce where people look forward to coming to work


We will:

  • Personally keep up-to-date with current and upcoming trends
  • Explore suggestions and be open to new ideas in a creative and novel way
  • Be thought leaders who provide unique solutions above and beyond client expectations
  • Design new and novel systems and approaches
  • Take a creative and different approach where together we achieve more than we could individually

Resulting in….
TMS being a leading edge consultancy company who provide tailored and successful solutions for clients


We will:

  • Show personal leadership and commitment to personal and team success
  • Be accountable and deliver on individual and team responsibilities
  • Take ownership of our work and meeting client expectations
  • Take risks and own the results
  • Ask for help when we need it
  • Offer support to each other positively and responsively
  • Reflect on learnings and apply continual improvement practices

Resulting in….
A workplace that shows accountability in dealing with each other and external clients

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