Fatigue Management

Research indicates that fatigue is implicated in billions of dollars of lost productivity. Workers experiencing fatigue have higher rates of emotional exhaustion, burnout and poor job satisfaction.

TMS Consulting’s fatigue management and mitigation services introduce a comprehensive leadership-based approach to embedding the right culture to get change.

Our Fatigue Risk Management Framework comprehensively analyses the processes in your organisation and combines it with a range of targeted behavioural interventions. These interventions focus on embedding a culture of fatigue safety and developing highly effective leaders who have the capability to identify and manage fatigue risk in a range of organisational contexts.

Here’s how our experienced fatigue management consultants help our clients manage and mitigate fatigue risk:

  • Development and implementation of evidence based Fatigue Risk Management Systems (FRMS), Policies, Procedures and Processes
  • Provision of coaching and mentoring for leaders to achieve optimal fatigue and safety outcomes
  • TMS-Approach-to-FatigueDeveloping strong safety cultures that encourage self-management and commitment to organisational success
  • Compliance audits and assessment against best practice fatigue and safety standards
  • Analysis and development of rosters and work scheduled to manage fatigue-related safety risks
  • Assessing occupational fatigue levels and implementing tailored risk management controls
  • Delivery of fatigue-related experiential training programs and associated materials

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If fatigue is an issue in your organisation, contact TMS today on 07 3003 1473 or email solutions@tmsconsulting.com.au to find out how we can help.

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